Sunday, February 19, 2006

Clive to become rear-end collision capital of the Golden Circle

Some local governments just hate their citizens and visitors. They show their contempt for their constituents by finding new ways to stick them with traffic fines. For example, Windsor Heights is notorious for ticketing scofflaws who have the nerve to drive 26 in a 25 zone. Now neighboring Clive is declaring war on its citizens by installing red-light cameras.

As governments are wont to tell you when they are jacking you, it's for your own good. Clive has in its hands a study showing rampant red light violations, jeopordizing the the lives of its citizens. Guess who performed the study?

Council members have reviewed an accident history for some of Clive's high volume intersections and traffic violation data compiled with the aid of temporary cameras at those intersections. The traffic violation survey was conducted by Redflex, an Arizona company that Clive City Manager Dennis Henderson will consider contracting with for traffic signal enforcement operations.

Well, there you have it. Redflex makes its money installing and running red light cameras. Their study shows a need for... red light cameras. Imagine that.

We can now can look forward to an epidemic of rear-end collisions in Clive. But that won't be the fault of the cameras, which will only be responsible for the accidents that don't happen.

Maybe it's all about economic development. At least one Clive business can look forward to a windfall.

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Bruce Holden said...

Well, there you go! Red light cameras in Clive is all about the money........not safety.
said Clive Police Chief Robert Cox. "It is hard to get out and chase vehicles in heavy traffic, and we can't be everywhere at once."
I expect a camera for every house in my neighborhood to be installed soon to catch possible burglars since the police can't possibly be everywhere at once, by admission of the "Police Chief" himself. We could really have a lot of fun with that moronic statement.