Sunday, February 05, 2006


The 2006 Blogger bash belongs to the ages. It was great to get to socialize with such a group of smart and fun people. As Blogger was down for the evening, we had to actually talk with each other, and that worked out well. The conversation was spirited, especially when non-State 29 mixed it up with Royce and Jeff. We solved a number of pressing problems, including the economics of the rain-forest project (short version: joint venture with Hooters and the Survivor producers).

A few pictures:

Jeff from Tusk and Talon; Doug Halsted from Iowa Geek; Mike Sansone of Copywriting Watch and; Mike Wagner of; Chris from Celtic Cross.

Blue Fish from Purple Fish Guts; Royce Dunbar, the Iowa Libertarian; and KL Snow, of Diary of a Political Madman (apologies to KL - he's a fascinating guy, and I didn't get a decent picture of him. I hope he doesn't hold it against me when he's famous and powerful).

From right to left: Mystery Anonymous Blogger (she swears she's not State 29); Jody of Iowa Geek (she told us a new little geek is on the way!); Celti and Chris of Celtic Cross; Mike Wagner (I don't think he's that Mike Wagner) and Mike Sansone.

Kris of Anywhere But Here; Red Fish and Blue Fish; Royce's nose and chicken wings. Background: our long-suffering waitress.

The last holdouts of the evening, as photographed by our waitress (revenge?). Left to right: me, not State 29, Royce, KL, and Jeff.

I left shortly after this last picture was taken. I would have loved to stay, but it was time to leave things in the capable hands of the hard-cores.

It was a great time. We were hoping Brent could make it, but he was probably keeping the bad guys out of our hair. While it would have been fun if the eastern Iowa set had been able to make it, that just means we'll have to road trip this summer to the Eastern Iowa edition of the bash, if and when that happens.

If you can, plan on joining us for the next Des Moines bash, which Mike Sansone has graciously agreed to organize. To all who were there: thanks for coming - and I hope to see you again soon!


Billy said...

Joe, I missed you! When did you leave?

Joe said...

About 10:30. I'm getting old...

KL Snow said...

Great meeting you Saturday night, Joe, and I owe you a drink sometime.

Brent said...

Yes, yes, I feel bad. But if you had had the week I had at work, you would understand that I was definitely in need of solitude. I'm so glad you all had a good time, however!!!

Celti said...

It was nice to meet you - sorry we didn't get to talk more being on opposite ends of the table and all. Let's do it again some time. :)