Saturday, May 12, 2007

Project Destiny Viral Marketing #3

Dan Albritton, local labor official, friend of Ramona, and member of the Prairie Meadows board, has been indicted on conspiracy charges related to CIETC. Mr. Albritton is innocent until proven guilty, but just to be safe, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent when asked to testify about his role on the CIETC board and as a paid CIETC consultant.

This indictment can only make central Iowans more excited about the one-cent "Project Destiny" sales tax vote slated for July. It will remind the voters how well the Central Iowa political establishment plunders manages their money, inspiring the voters to send them more cash.

To help this process, we introduce our third effort in our Project Destiny Viral Marketing Initiative. Feel free to use this on your website. Of course, Project Destiny is welcome to put this on billboards.

Our prior efforts are here and here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Steadfast for skedaddle

The Democrats who now run Congress - many of whom voted to go to war in Iraq, including Senator Harkin - now want to run away and turn over that country to Al-queda. So how does the Des Moines Register describe this behavior on today's front page?

(click photo to enlarge)

"Democrats Steadfast," says one headline. Then further down, it says "Public Ignored: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and others said Bush was ignoring the will of a majority of Americans."

So, according the Register, the Democrats are being "steadfast" by changing their positions on the war to conform with polls. Profiles in courage, indeed.