Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Steadfast for skedaddle

The Democrats who now run Congress - many of whom voted to go to war in Iraq, including Senator Harkin - now want to run away and turn over that country to Al-queda. So how does the Des Moines Register describe this behavior on today's front page?

(click photo to enlarge)

"Democrats Steadfast," says one headline. Then further down, it says "Public Ignored: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and others said Bush was ignoring the will of a majority of Americans."

So, according the Register, the Democrats are being "steadfast" by changing their positions on the war to conform with polls. Profiles in courage, indeed.


Peggy said...

It does look like Senator Harkin (if that is indeed him, it's been so long) is trying to mime the word "skedaddle" in a game of sherades. The staff at The Register must have one heck of a photo file. I'm impressed.

Peggy said...

You do know that Al-quaida has nothing to do with the war in Iraq, right? There has never been a link.

Joe said...

Eh? So, Zarqawi was just there as a tourist?