Monday, June 05, 2006

Legislators attempt to muster a Kelo-veto override session

Can the legislature reverse the veto of the eminent domain reform bill? It looks like they're going to try:

Republicans in the state legislature want to attempt to over-ride Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack's veto of a bill that would have limited city and county powers to seize private property for economic development projects.

House Speaker Christopher Rants, a Republican from Sioux City, is sending certified letters to all 100 members of the House, asking for their signature in support of such a move. "We understand that private property rights are one of the bedrock principles involved in the founding of this country," Rants says.

But while a big majority of the legislature's Democrats voted for the bill, they may not have the spine to stand up to their lame-duck leader:

But the effort is likely to fall short because Democratic leaders in the legislature say while a special session is "inevitable," they want to sit down and craft a new bill addressing some of the governor's concerns.

A primary victory tomorrow for Ed Fallon, a vocal supporter of the bill, would stiffen many a mushy spine. With no race for governor in the Republican primary, maybe some GOP property-rights fans will cross over for the day.

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