Friday, June 09, 2006

Hit me harder

"Civic leaders" are pushing an additional 1 cent sales tax for Polk, Dallas and Warren counties, according to the Des Moines Register:

Shoppers in Polk, Dallas and Warren counties would pay an extra penny per dollar on most things they buy as part of a plan by civic leaders to build more recreation trails and boost metro-area cultural attractions.

Supporters say a sales-tax increase to 7 percent would also give communities a new source of money to pay for law enforcement, libraries, street repairs and other services. That, they say, would result in lower property taxes.

Counties and cities have been asked to outline in writing how they would spend the money.

They'll need to convince folks that they are spending the money they have already wisely. I wonder if these folks will help with the campaign:

Ramona Cunningham and Senator Harkin at the dedication of CIETC Tom Harkin Learning Center.

Former CIETC Director, current Des Moines city councilman and self-proclaimed "rubber stamp" Tom Vlassis

Former CIETC Chairman and Des Moines City Council Member Archie Brooks


Doug Halsted said...

When I lived in Dallas, Texas, I paid 8.25% in sales taxes, but Texas doesn't have a state income tax and property taxes are half of Iowa's.

Polk county wants to have almost the same sales tax AND the income tax AND outrageous property taxes. It is no wonder that people leave the state.

Brent said...

I love it!! Give 'em hell, Joe!!