Monday, January 16, 2006

Finally an Iowa connection in the Alito hearings

Now that the Alito nomination is all but a foregone conclusion, we finally have an Iowa connection (besides Senator Grassley) in the deal. Our connection: Drake Law Professor Sally Frank.

The connection comes via a Todd Zywicki post at The Volokh Conspiracy. The post suggests that an article in the Princeton Magazine quoted by Senator Kennedy to challenge Judge Alito's fitness was actually a satire. If so, the humor is apparently comprehensible only to a small subset of 1970s-era Princetonians. What's interesting to us is the presumed trigger for the article:

The article seems to be intended as a tongue-in-cheeck defense of the Princeton eating clubs that were under attack by litigation by Sally Frank at this time.
That's the only mention of Prof. Frank in the post, so Zywicki apparently assumes we all know about her. Here in Iowa we do:

I doubt if Sally and Sam ever dated at Princeton, somehow.

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