Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Project Destiny Viral Marketing Initiative

Project Destiny, the initiative to give Central Iowa the higher sales tax everyone is clamoring to pay, seems to be spending its money at an alarming rate. The Des Moines Register has reported that $118,000 of its first $245,000 in corporate donations had already gone into the pockets of consultants and other vendors by February 12.

It's up to us to help Project Destiny find ways to convince us that we need higher taxes. I summon the power of the internet to produce a viral marketing campaign for the sales tax increase.

To kick things off, here is my first effort. It would look lovely on that fancy digital billboard at 63rd and Grand.

I think the celebrity theme is a winner. Project Destiny is welcome to use this free of charge, but I will also accept checks or cash if they insist.

For background on the celebrities on this billboard, go here.

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gman said...

Thank you for speaking out against this deception. Please check out my thoughts on this at Gman's Rants