Friday, December 22, 2006


From Tom Vilsack! What a nice surprise:

Presidential candidate Tom Vilsack’s suggestion that ‘‘no one in their right mind’’ would fund an indoor rain forest in Iowa came as a surprise to the project’s supporters who previously counted on his support.

Sure, now that he has an audience outside of Iowa, it's obvious how insane Earthpork is, but, wow. What great news. How can they possibly squander that $50 million now? Here's to you, Governor - what a great present.


Brent said...

I was hoping for something a bit more personal from Tom. I don't think he even sent me a card!

I hope you had a great Christmas!

Peggy said...

Hey! What's this I heard about you being on the front page of one of the sections of one of the Sunday edition of the DMR? Was it the Real estate section? Arts? Travel? or was it in the BUSINESS section????

Joe said...

Peggy, don't tell me somebody in Dumfries takes the Register! Dan's blog has a snapshot of it, or you can follow this link.