Thursday, November 02, 2006

Davenport city government hates its citizens

Only a government that thinks its own citizens are ignorant, untrustworthy peasants could embrace traffic cameras like the City of Davenport has:

Davenport police have been using their speed enforcement van since the first of the year to deter speeding on River Drive, but now they are using a fixed camera to catch speed-limit violators.

The new camera in the 1200 block of East River Drive has been in place for about a week but wasn’t activated until noon Monday.
And if you peasants think you can keep us from picking your pockets by slowing down for the cameras, think again:

Although the River Drive and Kimberly Road locations will have fixed cameras, it does not mean that Davenport police won’t still use their van at those locations. Venema said police already have been using the van near other fixed sites where drivers will sometimes slow down for the fixed camera then speed up. The van will be stationed a block or two away and catch the drivers when they accelerate.

So pay up, you irresponsible traffic scofflaws. You exist only to comply and pay. Be sure to salute the cameras as you drive by.

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Brent said...

As a law enforcement officer, I am against traffic cams. There are so many losers who run stop signs and red lights within sight of a police officer, why do we need them? It's just a way to make money, though I don't think Clive is doing so well. But what do you expect from a land-locked city the size of a few football fields?