Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iowa Pork!

Congressional appropriations bills have more pork that the Iowa State Fair. Here is a link to Iowa "earmarks" in the pending "Labor, Health and Human Services" appropriations bill. No doubt all of the spending reflects urgent national priorities, including:

$250,000: Des Moines - Blank Park Zoo for exhibits, programming and equipment.

Compared to Earthpork, maybe that's a bargain...

$250,000: Des Moines - Des Moines Area Community College, for training dislocated workers, and for career exploration and preparation for high school and community college students.

$250,000? That won't pay a single jobs training executive for one year!

$200,000: Cedar Falls - University of Northern Iowa to expand the National Institute of Technology for Inclusive Education We Build Communication Access Through Technology (WeBCATT) program

The acronym WeBCATT is worth $200,000 by itself!

$100,000: Des Moines - Community Kollel, for K-12 education programs

Who says pork can't be kosher??

$80,000:Cedar Rapids - National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library for upgrade of permanent collection.

Mmmm. Koloches!


Peggy said...

Mmmm bacon!

Brent said...

I've sat on several committees, probably not unlike CIETEC, but not as high-level. It was a constant search for money, grant writing, and a search for contributions. It was disgusting. I was glad when I was eventually told that I no longer had to attend those meetings. I felt like a whore.

Brent said...

Egads, man, POST! Give me something to read!! Slacker!